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26th January | The Day India became a Republic

Indian FlagToday, 26th January, India celebrated its 65th Republic Day. This day has got a great significance as it was the day on which the Constitution of India, certified by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, was brought into effect. This was the day that gave a realization to the sacrifices of numerous freedom fighters who fought for India’s freedom against the tyrannical British rule. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution in the world containing 444 Articles,  12 schedules and a total of 117, 369 written words.

In the [su_highlight]Preamble of India’s constitution one can find a reference of the recital of the facts or state of the law for which it is proposed to legislate by the statute, the object and policy of the legislation and the evils or inconveniences it seeks to remedy.[/su_highlight]

 The Legislature sought remedy of existing evils/inconveniences in the lives of Indian consumers and accordingly enacted a ‘Statute’  which  came to be recognised as ‘Consumer Protection Act, 1986’ empowering all consumers in India to seek simple and speedy redressal of  their  grievances against erring/unscrupulous traders or manufacturers or service providers.

Power to Consumer honours the legislature and promises to provide all possible legal solution and assistance to help you resolve your  grievance as a consumer. Know your rights. Raise your voice. You all are empowered consumers of a modern India.

Wishing you all a Happy Republic Day.

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Image Copyright: Siddhartha Shukla via Flickr CC

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