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Gas Cylinder Insurance Policy

Are you Aware of Your LPG Insurance Policy?

Recently, we wrote an article making our readers aware of the hazards of using an expired LPG cylinder; and also how to spot if the cylinder in their kitchen is near its expiration date or already expired. The article was appreciated by our readers, so much so that one of our empowered consumer, Mr. Vijai Prakash from Lucknow wrote back a query:

His question was:

Can you please let us know that whether subscribing to a gas company and buying cylinders covers insurance of consumers?

This comment set our thoughts rolling, and we started searching to find out if such a policy is there. Because if such a policy exists, we are sure, many of us are never made aware of the same either by the company or the authorised distributor at the time of getting the connection.

We found that yes there is a lpg insurance cover for all subscribers of LPG connections. The policy provides  an insurance of Rs.40 Lakh in the event of accidents, and Rs, 50 Lakh for deaths due to cylinder blast .

According to a Citizen Charter available on the Indian Oil Corporation website, “All registered LPG consumers are covered under an insurance policy taken by the PSU Oil Companies. In case of an accident, the customer must immediately inform the distributor in writing. The distributor then informs the concerned oil company and the insurance company about the same. The distributor will offer assistance to the customer in completing the formalities of insurance claims arising out of the accident. All LPG distributors also have Third Party Liability Insurance to cover losses in the event of an accident.” Meanwhile, the HPCL website states that, “All registered HP GAS consumers are insured against outcome of an accident at their registered premises due to LPG. Details are available with all the distributors and the Customer Service Cell. HPCL has also a Public Liability Insurance Policy.”

This means that if an accident is caused by cylinder explosion at the consumer’s premises, a consumer can claim for damage.  The distributor is obligated to offer assistance to the customer in completing the formalities of insurance claims arising out of the accident. While the LPG company is bind to honour the request. 

This is a very important piece of information that we believe every LPG consumer should be made aware of.

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